Hailakandi District Initiatives

District Administration of Hailakandi in fight against COVID-19

Hailakandi Initiated e-Curfew Vehicle pass software through NIC

District Administration of Hailakandi in fight against COVID-19

Initiative has been taken by the District Administration to develop a SOP on hand sanitizer, Mask, and Real time data management for Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). District administration has planned to identify, screen and maintain surveillance on all the suspected cases, to start with person having travel history to COVID-19 affected states and countries.

The overall coordination of data monitoring system is done by the Rapid Incident response team headed by District Magistrate and Joint Health Services. The Block Program Managers reports daily on the progress of the incidents.

The field staffs (Health, Police, Social Welfare, Gram Panchayat) are trained on the reporting of case identification through online form. All the screened and quarantined cases are monitored by ASHA supervisors and are reported online n a daily basis.

Hailakandi district administration issued SOP

  1. Alocohol Based Sanitizer
  2. Face-masks
  3. Real-time Database management system